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Hide My Secrets™
Secure secret and file storage. Protect Sensitive data for a low price.
Get preferred support, free upgrades and two free SupportValet™ appointments for a year.
The Breeder's Standard® for Windows
Full-Powered software to make the life of the Dog Breeder Better. Contains Pedigrees, Import/Export, Genetics, AKC-Required reports, Competition, Contact Management and Accounting features.
The Cattery's Standard™ for Windows
Full-Powered software to make the life of the Cat Breeder Better. Contains Pedigrees, Genetics, Reports, Competition, Contact Management, Import/Export and Accounting features.
iPed™ for Windows
Great Pedigrees at a Great Price.™ Simple pedigree management for Microsoft® Windows® computers.
Pedcasso™ Add-On
This add-on to the latest versions of our Pedigree programsgives you the power to design your own amazing pedigree layouts. Easy to install and easy to use.
NETigree® III Add-on
Generate dynamic HTML pedigrees, with security, for your own web site. An easy and fast add-on for your existing edition of The Breeder's Standard® 2012 and newer, iPed™ 5G or Newer, The Cattery's Standard™ 2013 or newer, and Equestrian’s Standard™ 2016 or newer.
iPed™ for the Mac
Great Pedigrees at a Great Price.™ Simple pedigree management for Apple® Mac® computers.with OSX and Intel Processor.
Store Documents securely for each animal in your database.
Equestrian's Standard™ for Windows
Manage your stable's pedigree and breeding records with ease. New 2016 Edition available Now!
Genetics and Pedigree Power for the serious line-chaser. Contains enhanced genetics and the power to make use of the calculations.
Carbonite® for Windows or Mac
Effortless, secure and reliable automatic Cloud-based backup of your important files. PedFast Technologies™ is proud to be an authorized reseller of this yearly-subscribed product. Back up unlimited personal data on one computer for as little as $59 per year.
 Backup Installer Media
Order a backup CD or USB stick drive for your programs. The CD or USB contains installers for all of our programs. You can even set up the USB to run our newest programs directly, and to store your data on the spacious 4GB Drive. If you have slow download speeds, this is the thing for you.
 Pedigree Power Packs™
These add-ons for The Breeder's Standard®, Cattery's Standard™, InstaPed™ and iPed™ 4G and earlier (for the PC) give you astounding and beautiful pedigree formats. Version 1 is for older programs and is free with a Version 2 purchase upon request. Version 2 is for TBS 2012, TCS 2013 Equestrian’s Standard™ 2016 and iPed™ 5G, and they will code activate within the latest builds of each of these programs.
 The Groomer's Helper™ for Windows
Easy and efficient pet grooming shop management. Works with Windows XP 32-bit operating systems; watch for The Groomer's Helper 2013 soon!